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public purpose.

For the last 5 years of existence, the Daniels Preparatory School has developed more than 1.700 student athletes, helped ensure college matriculation for a total value about 10 milion dollars in scholarships.

The Daniels Preparatory School is a nationally recognized K-12 independent college preparatory school situated in the down Linden section of Linden, New Jersey. Our mission is to foster in students athletes a life-long passion for learning, individual growth, and social responsibility in a safe and familial environment. Daniels Preparatory School seeks to inspire and support students to strive for academic and personal excellence within an ethical framework by placing the highest value on honor, while consistently reinforcing progressive thought. While Daniels Preparatory School continues to build upon the traditions, values and pride of its namesake, it is expanding its horizons to meet and welcome the needs of our ever-evolving society. Above all, the school and its staff are committed to the holistic, healthy development and success of each student

Avenger's Hoops

Daniels Prep Hoops is focused on making an immediate impact on the Prep Hoops scene during the 2024 season.

Player Development

Daniels Prep Hoops is focused on developing our student athletes every step of the way, providing the highest quality of player development.

Off Season Training

Daniels Prep Hoops works hand and hand with our strength and conditioning team to improve speed, strength, and explosiveness in the offseason.

Daniels Prep Athletics

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Early Education

During their time at Chadwick students develop their internal strengths.

Lower School K-5

The three main facets of the mission statement — the development.

Middle School 6-8

Academic excellence goes beyond the mastery of knowledge; it involves a deep

Upper School 9-12

The three main facets of the mission statement — the development.

"Positive reinforcement for a student who struggles with self-control..."

James Smith, former student

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Launchkit has the right
Heart of fulfilling Daniels Prep’s purpose as we work to translate advanced online education and athletics

The Daniels Preparatory School is focused on providing the most cutting edge online educational experience for student athletes who play athletics here at Daniel Prep. We are extremely excited to be a completely online K-12 education platform for student athletes.

Daniels Preparatory School

Fun facts

198, full and part-time
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Student participation rate: 82%
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Performances: 67
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