Daniels Preparatory School


Steps to participate at Daniels Preparatory School .

Complete an application. Once you have completed the application email our director of basketball operations at info@danielsprep.org

Over the phone interview with athlete & guardian

This step is initiated by player or a member acting on the player’s behalf. It’s important that we know about the player’s basketball journey so we can assist in furthering their academic & athletic career. If the coach feels you’d be a good fit, you will be emailed an enrollment packet.

Sign and return the Daniels Preparatory School enrollment packet

A enrollment packet will be emailed to the email provided in the application. Once signed and returned, a letter of intent will be emailed to you to be signed & returned.

Pay the deposit

Payment can be via bank, credit, debit card, or electronic invoice. Payments muctbe sent via invoice. Unless specified by the Head of School, no cash payments are accepted.

Welcome to Daniels Preparatory School

Once all previous steps are completed, player is enrolled at Daniels Preparatory School. The player will receive information regarding details about when and where he is expected to be going forward.


At Daniels Preparatory School, we not only strive to offer the best education to our students, but the most affordable education as well. Below are the tuition and fees of Daniels Preparatory School Please contact us to apply for need based financial aid, and to learn about the different payment plans that we offer. Daniels Preparatory School is a worthwhile investment and will provide you with an outstanding education & overall high school experience.



TUITION W/ ROOM & BOARD (Location Pending)





$300 – Chromebook (onetime fee for new students, if needed.)

$350 – Team Package (will be deducted from your tuition.)


Students in need of financial assistance please email us at info@danielsprep.org


The Finance Office provides a number of ways to pay for tuition. Please contact the Finance Office at (718)-909-9421 if you have any questions.

  • Monthly Installments: Tuition is divided into 10 payments commencing June 1st through March 1st, (Approximately $1,365/month before financial aid and/or scholarship awards)
  • Semi-Annual Payment: Due on June 5th and November 5th: 2% discount of net tuition.
  • Full Payment: One payment due by June 5th: 5% discount of net tuition.

The fees, which total $950, are due in June, or at the time of registration if it is after June.

 If you have any further questions about affording Daniels Preparatory School, please contact the Finance Department at (718)909-9421.

Here is our downloadable application