Welcome from Stacey Daniels Jr.

I had spent the last 12 years teaching, mentoring, coaching, advising, and leading programs in service to kids in underserved communities when I arrived at the decision to found Daniels Prep in 2015. Given all I had experienced and learned about schools and my emerging vision for the future of boarding schools, I jumped at the opportunity to lead the evolution of college preparatory schools here at Daniels Prep.

What happens here at Daniels Prep is transformative and is the way education should be.

Why? Students deserve to be understood and respected as individuals, celebrated for their unique talents, and challenged in a manner that is specific to each student. In this community, our decidedly student-centered approach is mediated by a team-based approach: students truly learn together—collaboratively—and are guided by teachers who educate collaboratively, as a well-coordinated, deeply focused team. It is through this powerful blend of individualized education and a team-based approach that such individual powerful transformation occurs.

Transformation is clearly manifested in so many ways: students develop deep and abiding understanding of themselves as learners; students come to understand the unique strengths and needs of others with whom they are working; students learn to collaborate with each other and with their team of teachers deeply effectively; and students come to value partnership to such a degree that they seek support reflexively from students and adults alike to challenge themselves through collaboration and not the relentless, isolating competition that characterizes so many elite educations.

When our graduates depart, they have an amazing sense of awareness that they didn’t arrive with. They have mastered the classroom content and they are armed with the skills that matter in life – curiosity, character, collaboration and confidence. They have a deepened commitment to others and they have the capacity to thrive broadly in college and beyond.

As we look ahead, we have a strategic vision that will relentlessly challenge us. We strive endlessly to be in yet better service to our students, our communities, and the broader world of education.

Come, visit, sit in on classes, talk to students and adults alike. Take in our unique, powerful approach to education. I believe you’ll see why Daniels Prep is the way education should be.