College Guidance

Practical life

Outdoor learning and tending to our school garden is a big part of our day.


Outdoor learning and tending to our school garden is a big part of our day.

Cultural subjects

Outdoor learning and tending to our school garden is a big part of our day.

The College Process

As our students grow in independence and self-awareness, they take an important step toward the independence of adulthood and college. A team of educators, from advisors to the upper school student support team, monitors the intellectual and emotional growth and maturity of Daniels Prep’s freshmen. Students engage in goal setting, selecting enriching and challenging activities beyond the classroom, and honing such key skills as time management, self-advocacy, and autonomy. Through Daniels Prep’s experiential learning program, our freshmen begin to explore areas of study and interest that may become life-long, meaningful pursuits.

Students continue to refine their sense of self in relation to their school and broader community. On top of our rigorous curriculum, we offer students extended challenges within a number of disciplines; Daniels Prep purposely makes these available in the second quarter so that students can make informed choices in pursuing their emerging academic interests, strengths, and areas of focus. Daniels Prep’s testing partner offers an optional sophomore enrichment class that improves students’ fluency with the math, reading, and writing skills that appear both in their regular classes as well as on standardized tests. This class will honor Daniels Prep’s financial aid award. In addition, all sophomores will have the opportunity to take a free mock SAT and mock ACT, and work closely with our test prep partner to determine which test to pursue with regard to test-prep in their junior year.  Given the testing optional landscape, families may also choose not to pursue test prep.

The junior year offers students and their families numerous opportunities to engage with the college selection process from the perspective of the student’s own narrative and purpose. The college process is a personal journey that is unique to each student and her family. Our junior year programming allows students and their families to explore the college search and admissions process and college affordability, and to learn about current trends and policy changes. We place emphasis on demystifying and humanizing the reality of college admissions, often with the expertise of admissions professionals who anchor our programs.

In the second semester, individual family meetings with the college guidance team take place. We also offer ACT and SAT prep courses that honor our financial aid award. In addition, weekly seminars are led by our college counselors to support students as they develop a balanced college list, plan campus visits, organize requests for letters of recommendation, complete a strong draft of their application essay, and prepare for interviews.

Daniels Prep alumnae conduct mock interviews and offer LinkedIn profile advice for each of our juniors, and our deans and school counselors provide additional partnership to support student wellbeing and success in the college process. Hewitt’s tight-knit community and carefully structured college process ensure that our college guidance team knows each young woman and tailors the college search process to fit her individual preferences, family needs, areas of interest, and goals for the next phase of her education.

By the fall of senior year, Daniels Prep students are fully prepared to submit their college applications. Our dedicated college counselors work closely with each student to develop a solid application strategy, help manage expectations, and ensure students have an organized approach to staying on schedule and on target. The student athletes of Daniels Prep’s upper school bring qualities of active engagement and a sense of plenitude and optimism to the process of choosing the colleges and universities they wish to attend. As she graduates, each senior looks ahead to her development as a scholar, active community member, and friend—journeys of identity and purpose that began at Daniels Prep and continue far beyond.