Beyond the Classroom

Understanding that a rich and challenging program extends beyond the classroom, Daniels Prep offers abundant opportunities for students to develop their own sense of purpose and passion. Supported by their teachers and classmates, Daniels Prep students act with confidence and empathy as they step outside of their comfort zones and embrace new opportunities to learn and grow.

Empowered to Compose Their Own Narratives

Daniels Prep students and student athletes are impressive beyond words and achieve truly great things—from national academic awards to acceptance at some of the world’s most prestigious colleges and universities. Our curriculum, rigorous and challenging, is guided by the belief that the harder an accomplishment is, the greater the feeling of reward for having accomplished it. Daniels Prep students make original and sound contributions to society because they have been empowered to compose narratives for themselves.

Class Teacher Day
Art Turner, Hannah Mon, Wed, Fri
Science Morrisey, Anna Sat, Sun
Atletics Turner, Hannah Mon, Wed, Fri
Football Edison, Molley Tue, Wed, Fri
Music Smiley, Barney Tue, Wed, Thu
Art Turner, Hannah Mon, Wed, Fri

After School Program Offerings

Chess club will be a daily after school program providing, learning the game, healthy competition, and tournament style play for all who choose to join.

Creative Writing will be a daily after school program to help young girls and boys to walk into their creative spirit and develop stories and screen writing pieces that can be published.

Graphic Design Club will offer students the latest in how to in everything graphic design. Student will be able to create their own website, logo, branding, and so much more.

Stem Explorers Club will provide the latest in STEM education. Student will be able to effect change in the world using STEM technology.

Robotics Club gives our students the opportunity to build and develop cutting edge robotics technology. This club will encourage our students to compete at the National Robotics competitions.